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cross-browser compatibility

cross-browser compatible

Do you want to make certain your website looks perfect to each and every one of your visitors? Many people do not realize that web sites can potentially look different depending upon the type of browser that is used to view the site. Just because the site looks great while viewing it with your browser, that doesn't mean it will look just as good with another browser. Therefore, it is important to create a website that is cross-browser compatible. When you trust your website design and development to PlanMySite, you can be certain that a great deal of attention will be paid to this important detail.

Making your website cross-browser compatible is an essential part of creating an attractive and user-friendly site. While the difference between two browsers may be as simple as showing a slightly different color, the differences can potentially be far greater and make it impossible for the site visitor to navigate the site properly. With the programming skills utilized by PlanMySite, however, you can rest easy in knowing that your site will be compatible with all of the most popular browsers as well as dozens of other lesser-known applications.

We Make Your Site Compatible with a Broad Spectrum of Browsers

When it comes to providing your website visitors with the best experience possible, it is essential to make your site compatible with as many different browsers as you can.

This way, you can be certain your visitors will see and experience precisely what you want them to see and experience when visiting your website.

Some of the major Internet browsers we focus on when designing and developing your website include:

We don't stop with just the major browsers, however, as there are many other browsers commonly used by people when surfing the Internet. Therefore, our goal is to make your website compatible with as many browsers as possible. Although there may still be some slight differences in minor areas, you can be certain your website will be fully functional for all of your site visitors.

We Get Your Site Set Up the Right Way the First Time

Going back and making your website cross-browser compatible after it has already been completed can be a very time consuming and difficult process. Therefore, you can count on PlanMySite to create your site right the first time. This way, your site will be set up to be viewed properly on a wide variety of browsers and can be more easily modified later if changes are necessary. By getting the site done correctly the first time, you can save both time and money so your site can go live as quickly as possible.

Contact Us to get started with our Web Design and Development Services, which automatically includes making your site cross-browser compatible.

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