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PlanMySite Becomes INCORE Digital Agency

PlanMySite Becomes INCORE Digital Agency

We are delighted to announce that PlanMySite has rebranded as INCORE. The rebranding follows a period of expansion for the business and will see the company operating under the new name INCORE. The rebranding includes a new website with new visual identity. (more...)

How to Effectively Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles

Manage multiple social media profilesHow many social media accounts do you have? Probably several. Now, how many of them are you really active on? Well, that’s a different story. Yes, maintaining current and consistent content on numerous social media websites may be tricky and, with time, even boring or risky. But, keeping a good image is key to successful private and business relations.

Social …


Stay Vigilant With Google Analytics Alerts

Using Google AlertsAren’t you tired of trying to analyze your website’s info or afraid of missing out on its activity? Don’t you want to know when your popularity suddenly drops? Setting up Google Analytics (GA) Alerts can help you here! GA is a free and easy tool that lets you monitor the traffic and performance of your private or professional website or …


The Bright Future of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerceAn increase in portable gadgets’ popularity has opened the doors to new kinds of services and their delivery methods. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices now enable people to chat, message, share, browse, shop, and sell 24/7 and on the go. Since portability brings benefits, making your commerce mobile seems like a smart idea.

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, refers to …


Responsive Web Design Revealed

Web accesibilityNowadays, people use various devices not only to browse the Web but also to continue previously started activities. Some enjoy a desktop or laptop or rely on the convenience of smartphones or tablets, while others go back and forth between these tools when navigating their tasks. So, of course, only the websites that can give their users the best transition …