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Are you trying to establish a strong Internet presence for your business or organization? In our increasingly global economy, finding a way to differentiate yourself from your competitors while remaining easily accessible to your customers is the key to your business success. To make this possible, you need to utilize a Web Hosting Service, which will determine where your website "lives" every hour of every day and makes it possible for your target audience to visit your site at any time. With the help of the powerful Web Hosting Services available through PlanMySite, you can count on your site to be available and easy for your customers to access and to navigate at any time!

Making your website accessible through a powerful and professional Web Hosting Service will help guarantee that your site visitors have a positive experience when browsing through your site. Whether your site contains only a few pages or hundreds of pages, your Web Hosting Service will play an essential role in determining whether or not your target audience visits your site regularly or spends more time on your competitor's website. With our Web Hosting Service, you can take comfort in knowing that your site will always be available to your market while also keeping your information safe and secure.

Web Hosting with PlanMySite - a Service You Can Count On!

When it comes to establishing your Internet presence, the reliability of your Web Hosting Service is essential. After all, how will the members of your target market find your site if the server is down all the time? In order to create a strong online presence, you need a web hosting service that you can count on to be "on" at all times. When you trust PlanMySite to provide you with your Web Hosting Services, you can count on the server to be up and running 99.9% of the time.

Get Things Moving with the Right Website Hosting Service

In addition to maintaining a consistent online presence, you also need a Website Hosting Service that will allow your site to move smoothly and quickly. Nothing frustrates a site visitor more than a website that moves slowly and requires long load times. The bottom line is simple - the more easily and quickly your visitors can navigate through your site, the longer they will still and the more often they will return. Furthermore, having a fast-loading website creates a more professional and polished image that will help separate you from the competition.

When you entrust your site with PlanMySite's Website Hosting Service, you are sure to be impressed by how quickly your site and its pages load.

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Keep Yourself and Your Customers Safe with Web Hosting from PlanMySite

For many of your customers, potential online security breaches will be a major concern. When you rely upon the Web Hosting Services provided by PlanMySite, however, you and your customers can both rest easy in knowing that we implement all of the following safety and security measures:

  • Security Patches
  • Hacking Alerts
  • Website Monitoring
  • Regular Site Content Backups
  • Power Backups

Not only do these website monitoring services help keep your site secure, it also helps to further reduce downtime. As a result, you save money and you maintain a professional online reputation.

Make Room for Growth with PlanMySite's Website Hosting

If you are like most entrepreneurs and businesspeople, your long-term goal is to further develop your business and to increase your profits. Whether you are adding on services or expanding your online inventory, you want the freedom and flexibility to expand your website as your business grows. Why choose a Website Hosting Service that will place limitations on the size of your website when you don't have to? Our Website Hosting Service is 100% upgradable, which means your site can easily grow right along with you!

Create Professional Email Accounts with PlanMySite

In order to further create the professional online image your business deserves, our Website Hosting Service also includes setting up a Google email account on your behalf.

With the help of Google's award-winning email solutions, we can provide you with up to 100 different email accounts. By creating custom email addresses for everyone in your organization that feature your company's name, such as, you will establish a professional and cohesive company image.

Furthermore, the Google email solution features a number of helpful tools, including:

  • Word Processing Tools
  • Spreadsheet Tools
  • A Presentation System
  • A Shared Calendaring System

Thanks to the advanced anti-spam and anti-virus protection software included with the Google email account, you can rest easy in knowing that your computers will be kept safe from viral attacks and that your time won't be wasted by useless spam emails. In addition, thanks to the 7GB of space each of your email accounts receives, there will be plenty of space to store those emails that are important to you and your business.

So, if you are ready to take your Internet presence to a whole new level, contact us today so you can get your site hosted on a reliable, fast, safe and secure server.

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