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W3C validation in web design

xHTML & CSS validation

Does your website contain the coding necessary to achieve the best results possible? Many people don't give much thought to the type of coding used to create a website, but using the proper coding is essential when it comes to creating a website that is Search Engine Friendly and that can be accessed by everyone within your target market. At PlanMySite, we understand the differences between various types of code and we know how to use the proper coding to help you achieve the best results.

When it comes to viewing your website properly and making it easier for site visitors to use your website, it is important for your website's coding to follow the guidelines that have been established by the World Wide Web Consortium (W3C). At PlanMySite, we are experts at understanding these guidelines and are proficient at programming with XHTML and CSS Validated Code, which means you can be certain your Website Design will set your site up for the greatest chance for success.

We Design Your Site According to Guidelines Established by the World Wide Web Consortium

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) has established guidelines for the creation and interpretation of content on the Web, all of which are followed closely by PlanMySite when developing your website. By adhering to these guidelines, we are able to ensure the long-term viability of your web pages while also effectively simplifying the code and lowering the cost of producing your website. Following these guidelines also makes it possible for us to make your website more Accessible to your target market while also making it possible for people to access your website with a variety of different Internet devices. In addition, these guidelines help make your website compatible with a wide variety of Internet browsers.

We are Experts at XHTML & CSS Validated Code

In order to adhere to W3C guidelines, you must be an expert at both XHTML and CSS validated code. By using XHTML coding as the structural language and CSS as the presentation language, we can develop a website that is both search engine friendly and user friendly. In addition, this type of coding is compatible with a greater number of browsers and is easier to maintain.

It also means your website will download faster for your site visitors, which means they will be more likely to explore your site further and to visit it time and time again. Of course, with the help of our Copywriting Services, you can also add content to your site that will be of interest to your visitors while our Graphic Design Services make it possible for us to create a design that will be truly eye-catching.

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