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search engine friendly web design

search engine friendly

Have you taken the steps necessary to make your website Search Engine Friendly? While many people put a great deal of emphasis on creating content for their websites that is optimized for search engines, many don't realize that there are aspects of programming and web design that are also essential when it comes to creating a website that is Search Engine Friendly. With the experience and expertise of PlanMySite by your side, you can be certain your website will be as Search Engine Friendly as possible.

In order to create a successful Internet presence, it is essential to take the steps necessary to make your site Search Engine Friendly. After all, there are millions of websites on the Internet, which means you need to have a website that ranks high on the search engine results pages if you hope to draw targeted traffic to your site. By trusting your Website Design & Development to PlanMySite, you can be certain all the necessary steps will be taken to ensure your website is Search Engine Friendly.

We Make it Easy for the Search Engine Spiders to Crawl Throughout Your Site

Your website will never achieve a favorable search engine ranking if the search engine spiders are unable to crawl through the entire site. Therefore, it is important to create a website that does not contain broken links, as these broken links are like hitting a dead end road when the spiders crawl your site. As a result, the spiders can have difficulty with properly indexing your site and you may not receive "credit" for all that your site has to offer. Of course, broken links can be quite frustrating for your website visitors as well, so there are many reasons for you to trust PlanMySite to make certain your site flows smoothly.

We Create URLs that are Attractive to Search Engines

The URLs, or web addresses, of your web pages are also important. Although it is not the case with Google, most search engines will not index a web page if the URL contains a question mark or any other unusual characters. For example, the URL address cannot be read by search engines.

Although can be easily read and indexed. Therefore, when we create and name the web pages to be included within your website, we make certain to choose the best URL name to get your pages properly indexed with the search engines. In addition, we do not use Session IDs, which means you can still enjoy the convenience of using dynamic URLs without having to worry about odd characters being tagged on to the end of your page addresses.

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We Provide Multiple Services to Help Increase Your Search Engine Rankings

In addition to creating a web design that is attractive to search engines, we provide a number of other services that are designed to help you with achieving a higher search engine ranking. Some of these include:

  1. Copywriting Services - from web content to blogs to articles, we can create content that incorporates keywords to be used on your site or as part of your marketing campaign.
  2. Search Engine Submission - we will submit your website to the search engines so it will be crawled by its spiders and properly indexed. Despite popular belief, there is no guarantee the spiders will "find" your site on their own, so submission is absolutely essential.
  1. Hosting with a Dedicated IP Address - some search engines consider website with a dedicated IP address to be more professional and less likely to be "spammy," which means you can potentially achieve a higher search engine ranking if your site has a hosting with dedicated IP address.

In addition to providing these services to help increase your search engine ranking, PlanMySite also offers a Search Engines Visibility Report Service. Through this service, we will prepare a customized report that will help you determine what might be preventing your web site from achieving the ranking you desire. Of course, we will be more than happy to help you take any steps that may be necessary to you reach your search engine ranking goals.

We Take Care of the Details

Another aspect to making your website Search Engine Friendly is taking care of the seemingly small details.

Some of the details we will take care of that will help you achieve a more favorable search engine ranking include:

  1. Robots.txt File Creation
  2. Initial Keyword Research
  3. Meta Title Tags Creation
  4. Meta Description Tags Creation
  5. Meta Keyword Tags Creation
  6. Sitemap Page Creation
  7. 404 Error Page Creation

By using our full range of search engine optimization services, we are certain you will achieve the results you desire. Contact Us so we can start optimizing your site today!

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