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Whether you are a small business, a large corporation or a non-profit organization, establishing a strong Internet presence is an essential part of becoming successful. After all, consumers are becoming increasingly dependent upon the Internet, with many choosing to conduct online research on businesses and organizations before working with them. Therefore, you want to be certain to work with a reputable web design and development company that can create a website that will project the image you are looking for while also meeting legal requirements and search engine guidelines. When you choose PlanMySite for your web design and development needs, you get that plus a whole lot more.

Providing an All-Inclusive Web Design and Development Service

At PlanMySite, our goal is to provide our customers with an all-inclusive service that will meet all of their web design and development needs.

By paying close attention to the details, we are able to design a web site that is both unique and effective. In fact, when you choose PlanMySite for your web design and development needs, you will enjoy all of the following benefits:

  1. A Custom-Made, Unique Design
  2. A User-Friendly Layout
  3. Use of Code that Meets Accessibility Standards Established by Section 508 and WAI Regulations
  4. Use of W3C XHTML and CSS Validated Code
  5. Search Engine Friendly Coding and Design
  6. Cross-Browser Compatible Coding

By paying attention to these details, your website will be easy for your site visitors to navigate while also meeting with accessibility requirements for individuals with disabilities.

In addition, by utilizing the proper coding techniques, you will achieve higher search engine rankings and your target market will be able to access your website regardless of the browser being used to access the Internet.

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Taking Care of All of Your Web-Based Needs

Of course, when it comes to establishing your business or organization on the Internet, there is far more you can do than simply create a web site. For this reason, we are pleased to offer more than just information web site design and development. Some other Internet-based design and development services we are proud to offer include:

By offering these additional services, you can create an all-encompassing Internet presence that will make it possible for you to effectively marketing your business or organization while presenting the image you are striving to achieve.

Giving You Control Over Your Site

Although we are pleased to provide you with a website that is well planned and meets your unique needs, we also strive to make your site easy for you to change as your needs change. Therefore, we connect a Contact Management System (CMS) to all of the websites we design and develop. With the help of your CMS, you will be able to edit, manage and publish content to your website whenever you like.

With the help of the system, you will also be able to keep your information better organized without needing to have any programming skills of your own. Of course, we are always here to provide you with additional assistance if needed.

When you trust PlanMySite with your web design and development needs, you can take comfort in knowing that your satisfaction is our top priority and that we have the skill and knowledge it takes to create just what you are looking for. Even better, with our no-interest payment plans, you can get started on the creation of your website today and pay off the cost in easy monthly payments without having to pay a single penny in interest. Contact Us to get started.

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