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No matter how impressive your Website looks or how informative its content may be, it will never serve its full purpose if no one is able to find it. Therefore, when developing a Website, it is essential to integrate a variety of different techniques in order to make it search engine friendly and help it reach the top of the search engine results page.

Search Engine Optimization Starts with the Web Design

Although there are plenty of techniques that can be used to help increase your Website's search engine rankings, the single most important step toward successful search engine optimization is the design of your Website. Therefore, even if you already have a Website in place, it may be necessary to make some modifications or completely redesign your Website in order to make it SEO friendly and achieve the search engine results you desire. This because a well-optimized Website requires integrating on-site optimization including quality meta tags, headers, titles and link structure.

Of course, search engine optimization also involves utilizing off-page SEO techniques as well.

Some examples of off-page search engine optimization techniques include link-building, participation in link-building and creating and submitting guest blog posts, articles, press releases and more.

Optimize Your Site with the Help of the PlanMySite Team

At PlanMySite, we believe in using only ethical search engine optimization techniques, or "white hat" techniques. While white hat techniques may take longer to see initial results than unethical techniques, which are called black hat techniques, the results are long lasting. Furthermore, many search engines will ban a Website if black hat techniques are used. Therefore, utilizing white hat techniques is in the best interest of your business.

The PlanMySite team utilizes a number of different white hat search engine optimization techniques. These include:

With our full range of search engine optimization tools, your site will be sure to get the exposure it deserves.

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