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When it comes to increasing your search engine ranking or simply making your website more meaningful to your target market, it is essential to have a good copywriter at your side. With the help of a skilled copywriter, you can develop a variety of different materials that will help you with marketing and branding your business while also forging positive relationships with your target audience. Therefore, we are pleased to include copywriting among the many different services we provide.

All the Writing Services You Need

At PlanMySite, we strive to offer a full range of copywriting services to our clients. This way, you can turn to us to meet all of your writing needs. Some of the copywriting services we are happy to offer include:

By offering copywriting services along with web design services, web hosting services and online marketing services, PlanMySite is able to provide you with all the services you need to create successful Internet presences.

Reasons to Trust PlanMySite for All of Your Copywriting Needs

Whether you are trying to develop a relationship with your target market, trying to draw web traffic to your site or trying to increase your search engine ranking, copywriting is an essential component of the process. Unfortunately, some webmasters hire inexperienced writers or non-American writers simply because they offer the lowest prices. As a result, the final product is poorly written, difficult to understand and grammatically incorrect.

When you hire PlanMySite to provide you with copywriting services, you enjoy all of the following from your copywriter:

  1. More than six years of experience in the freelance writing business
  1. An extensive educational background, including a masters degree in education and experience teaching writing to students of all ages
  2. A native United States citizen who understands all of the subtle nuisances of the language that can't be learned in English language classes
  3. The ability to write in a variety of different styles and writing "voices" in order to meet your individual needs

With the professional copywriting services you can take comfort in knowing your content will be well written and will present your business in a positive light.

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Creating the Right Image for Your Business

When performing a search for someone to provide you with copywriting services, you will find many writers to select from. Although it may be tempting to go with the least expensive service, it is essential for you to put quality over cost. After all, utilizing poorly written content can actually cause more harm to your business than good.

Remember: your written materials are representative of your company, which means poorly written content will make your business seem like less of an authority in the industry or simply as an unprofessional organization. Furthermore, poorly written content can decrease your search engine rankings because it may

come across as "spammy" to the search engine spiders.

Inadvertently creating "spammy" content happens more often than many webmasters realize, as inexperienced writers have a tendency to overuse keywords or to use them improperly when preparing SEO content. The algorithms used by the search engines are quite complex and, although the exact formulas used to determine search engine rankings are not made public, we do know that the search engine software generally decreases the rankings of websites that rely upon overly repetitive keyword usage.

If you have your own SEO formula that you would like us to use with your content, we will be happy to comply with your guidelines. Or, if you need some help coming up with keywords and deciding how to

incorporate them into your content, we will be happy to provide you with the guidance you need!

When you trust your copywriting to PlanMySite, you can take confidence in knowing that your writing will be completed by a professional writer who has written thousands of articles for the web and has years of experience writing in all other copywriting areas offered. Why would you trust your copywriting needs to anything less than the best? Contact us today so you can start benefiting from our copywriting services tomorrow!

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