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New Jersey web design projects

Law Offices of Martin Pankiewicz, Esq.



The Law Offices of Martin Pankiewicz, Esq., is a law firm based in Linden, New Jersey.

The firm handles traffic violation and divorce cases, but specializes in areas related to real estate, including real estate planning and real estate closings. Some specific areas of specialization include assisting clients with selling a home, refinancing a home, purchasing a home, acquiring a multi-family residential project and negotiating short sale transactions.


The Law Offices of Martin Pankiewicz, Esq. wanted to create a strong Internet presence while also developing a brand that would make the law offices more easily identifiable by clients and potential clients. In addition to creating a professional image, the Law Offices of Martin Pankiewicz, Esq. also wanted to make it easier for clients to learn more about Mr. Pankiewicz, Esq. as well as the services he provides. Mr. Pankiewicz was also interested in sharing real estate news with his site visitors.


In order to create a professional corporate identity while also branding the services of the Law Offices of Martin Pankiewicz, Esq., PlanMySite created a logo, a poster and a search engine-friendly website. A Content Management System (CMS) and email marketing system were also integrated into the site, making it possible for site visitors to easily sign up for the law office's newsletter, to read real estate news and to schedule a free consultation.



Martin Pankiewicz
Martin Pankiewicz Attorney at Law

Martin Pankiewicz Law Offices
204 N. Wood Ave
Linden, NJ 07036
Tel: (908) 275-0787
Fax: (908) 275-4859


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business. I have received numerous complements from my prior clients as well as many new clients as a result of my website. I would recommend PlanMySite to anyone who is thinking of hiring PlanMySite to create a website for their business. Feel Free to contact me with any questions or concerns.