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Kwahuman Association of New Jersey



Kwahuman Association of NJ is a non-profit organization that focuses on the promotion of education and preventative health measures. With a focus on the people of Kwahu, the socio-cultural association strives to assist its members as well as the general public in New Jersey and in Kwahu Traditional Areas in Ghana, West Africa.

Originally formed in the summer of 1998, the Association founders sought to find ways to advance the betterment and progress of its members while also finding ways for members to encourage and inspire each other in both their personal and professional development. The Association also seeks to preserve and promote interest in the cultural heritage of Ghana and the Kwahu Traditional Area while also supporting the social well-being of New Jersey communities. To achieve these goals, the Association has established an Education Fund, provides support to charitable causes and has developed programs in the health education field.


As part of the Kwahu culture, the goal in every venture is to find ways to unit in the name of love, prosperity and community development. Therefore, the Association needed to find ways to keep its members up-to-date while also encouraging communication amongst members. The Association was also looking for ways to share photos and videos while also developing a simple and convenient way to obtain donations. Developing a unique identity and establishing a strong Internet presence were both essential.


To help the Kwahuman Association of NJ establish a unique identity, the PlanMySite team designed a logo and created items, such as stationary, for the Association to use. We also printed some materials and developed a website with a custom content management system, making it possible for the Association to more effectively share information, photos and videos with members.



Smart Osafo
Smart Osafo Advisory Council

Kwahuman Association of New Jersey
PO BOX 8111
Hillside, NJ 07111
phone. 973-757-3313


It was a rewarding experience working with PlanMySite on behalf of Kwahuman Association of New Jersey. As a small non profit organization with a tight budget, many web developers wouldn’t even reply to our emails or respond to our calls to design and develop a website. But PlanMySite did! (...)

They sat down with us in a very constructive meeting to first understand our organization’s aims and objectives and then they professionally worked with us from creating an identity logo that portrays our purpose. With that, they designed and developed our website giving us 101% of all we asked for including a logo and the ability to receive donations online.
We have had a lot of accolades from other small nonprofits and many of our supporters in the United States, Ghana and from 24 other countries across the world in just a month of our launching. We have also received more monthly donations since then.
I personally ended up with a ‘PhD’ in website stuff because of the experience with them, particularly, their unique customer care dedication. I never had to be on hold when I called and emails were almost always instantly replied. And when I still didn’t get it, the ‘Professors’ at PlanMySite will send me a video presentation to make it simpler and easier.
As a quality expert myself, I would award PlanMySite the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award for a good job done. Keep it up!