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J. Cameron Brueckner



Sometimes, creating a business website isn’t enough. Even when you work for a great company, setting up a personal website to highlight your accomplishments may be necessary. It was for this very reason that J. Cameron Brueckner asked the team to create a website for him.

PlanMySite came to know Brueckner after creating a website for his company, Cloak & Dagger Productions. After creating a site for his company, Brueckner decided he wanted a site to help promote his individual talents as well. His goals were clear: he wanted a site that was simple, yet different, modern and interactive. By creating this type of website, Brueckner hoped to reflect the kind of person he is while showcasing the talents and skills he has to offer.

After graduating from the University of Southern California School of Cinema-Television in 2006, Brueckner produced and directed a series of educational shorts entitled Vineyard Voices. He then took on the positions of producer and online editor with DuArt Film and Video in New York, where he gained valuable experience in the post-production and finishing side of the business. Today, Brueckner manages Cloak & Dagger on a full time basis and serves as the lead filmmaker in the company’s current project – a feature film called War for the Web.

Thanks to the website that the PlanMySite team developed for Brueckner, those who are interested in learning more about him can read a bio, watch a sample of his work, check out some of his stills or connect with him through a variety of different social networks. It’s the perfect way to show what he can do while also keeping his youthful edge!


J. Cameron Brueckner
J. Cameron Brueckner Co-founder

Cloak & Dagger Productions
Tel: (908) 872-3502