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New Jersey web design projects

Flatfinders Realty, Inc.



Flatfinders Realty, Inc. is a real estate company located in Brooklyn, New York that specializes in connecting renters with landlords and buyers with sellers. The company places an emphasis on providing a high level of services to its customers and customizing its services to meet the specific needs of each of its clients. Whether buying, selling or renting, Flatfinders Reality, Inc. is dedicated to helping its clients through every step of virtually any real estate transaction.


Flatfinders Realty wanted to be able to provide information about each of its properties online so potential buyers and renters could easily browse through all of the properties that are currently available. They also wanted to develop an extensive database containing information about properties and landlords so their employees could quickly access this information and answer any questions that clients might have.


PlanMySite developed a website that does more than just create a solid Internet presence for Flatfinders Realty. By integrating a powerful Content Management System (CMS) within the site, the company can quickly and easily access information about employees, properties and landlords, including income generated and expenses. The system is also capable of generating useful reports while still allowing clients to access photos and information about each property listed within the system. To help encourage client interaction, the site also allows clients to ask questions about the property and to even list their own houses for rent.



Slawomir Baginski
Slawomir Baginski Owner / Real Estate Broker

Flatfinders Realty, Inc.
131 Meserole Ave
Brooklyn NY 11222
Tel: (718) 383-0077
Fax: (718) 389-0087


I chose PlanMySite to design and develop my website mainly because my ideas were best understood and executed with a great accuracy. Having no prior experience in this field whatsoever it was very hard for me to find any company that would even understand my concept, (...)

not to mention actually doing it. At PlanMySite I found talented group of professional people who put my ideas to live in a timely fashion and best of all - did everything online! Kudos to PlanMySite for creating my website and I recommend this company to all of you who don't know where to begin.