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New Jersey web design projects

Culinary Schools U



The Sider Group oversees 15 different Websites, all of which focus on specific education and degree programs. Each site features a list of schools that offer degree programs in specific niche areas, such as medical schools, law schools and culinary schools. By providing comprehensive information about the various schools available in each niche area, those who are interested in pursuing a career in that field only need to visit one Website to gather information. In short, the sites are able to help potential students find the school that is best suited to their career needs.


For The Sider Group, it was essential to create a Website that was attractive to those who are considering that specific type of degree. Although the company already had a Website in place for its culinary arts niche, it was looking for a fresh, new look that might prove to be more successful with attracting those who are interested in a career in this field.


The Sider Group hired the PlanMySite team to create a new design for its culinary schools Website. While our team did not do the actual coding for the site, we worked closely with The Sider Group to gain a better understanding of the company’s goals and its target audience in order to create a Web design that would be appealing to those who might be interesting in attending a culinary arts school.



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