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Brooke M. Barnett & Associates, P.C.



Brooke M. Barnett & Associates is a law firm that is dedicated to providing excellent services to every client who walks through the door. From consultation to case resolution, Brooke and her team of criminal defense attorneys are committed to keeping their clients informed while striving toward achieving the best results possible. In addition, the Brooke M. Barnett & Associates, P.C. strive to provide a warm and inviting environment where clients can take comfort in knowing their needs are being met. By providing an honest and attentive service where attorneys and staff are available beyond the normal business hours, Brooke M. Barnett & Associates, P.C. hopes to break the attorney stereotype as she brings a whole new level of care and service to her clients.


Because the Brooke M. Barnett & Associates, P.C. law firm is committed to bringing a unique type of service to its clients, the firm wanted to create a Website that would truly standout and set the proper tone for its clients. Not only is founder Brooke M. Barnett known for her excellent negotiating skills and trial experience, but she is also known for her commitment to providing a high level of personal care and service to her clients. Therefore, it was important for her Website to highlight her talents while also setting a friendly tone.


PlanMySite team created a Website for the Brooke M. Barnett & Associates, P.C. law firm that was different from other attorney Websites. Rather than being filled with legal jargon and photos of lawyers in suits, the Website offers as more relaxed and friendly tone. In addition to being easy to navigate, the Website features casual photos of Brooke and her team while also offering short biographical information about each member. In this way, potential clients can get to know the team before setting up an appointment. While all the basics are there, the PlanMySite team worked closely with the firm to create the right image and tone when creating the Website.



Brooke M. Barnett
Brooke M. Barnett Attorney at Law

Brooke M. Barnett
& Associates, P.C.
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Newark, NJ 07102
Tel: (973) 693-4444