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When is the Perfect Time to Redesign a Website?

Perfect Time to Redesign a Website If you are a website owner, it is inevitable that you will be approached by multiple website developers over time, each suggesting that you may need a redesign for your website. How do you know when you really need a new site design? What are the tip-offs that will tell you that your site needs some help in website design? New Jersey customers are like customers anywhere. They will view your site as an extension of your store. It needs to reflect well on you.

How can you tell if you really need a new website or if you are being solicited by a company who simply wants to make an extra sale this month? Ask yourself a few simple questions to help you to determine whether you really need a new website, or if you’re considering it because someone told you that it was necessary.

Consider one question more fully than any other. What reasons for a new website design did the web developer offer you? Were they valid, viable reasons why a new website could serve you better than the existing one?

One of the worst reasons for having your website completely redesigned is because someone told you that you should. Consider your favorite store and the methodology that they use for redesign. How often does a physical store refurnish or overhaul the storefront? Realistically, they may do some slight redesign every few years, but typically, if they do so, it is because it fulfills some type of need. It will help people to find something more easily, or to be able to navigate the store more readily.

Redesigning a site simply because you’re tired of the look may confuse some of your customers to the point that you actually lose them.

What is a valid reason for overhauling your website and creating a new look and feel?

In many cases, it is because the old website design is outdated and does not take advantage of new technologies, new coding changes, or offer full service to the clients and customers who use the site. It may be that you do not have the capacity to offer a message board, blog, or other services that you want to give your customers. Adding a new design in order to incorporate new aspects of service is a very good reason to redesign your website.

Was your website designed, coded, and programmed properly at the first place? Does your clients’ information remain secure and safe? This is also a very viable reason for redesigning your website using a quality NJ web design company.

The designs of yesterday were not always as logical and careful as they might have been. If your website is one that doesn’t offer all that it could to your customers, then it may well be time to consider redesigning your site.

Ask yourself too, if your website is actively attracting visitors, or if the bounce rate is very high. A high bounce rate on your website could be one indicator that will tell you that you really do need a quality new website design. In some cases, your website may not be attracting visitors. This might be a design problem, or it may be an SEO problem, which a website redesign may solve for you. Determine where the problem lies and then work to fix it.  If the flaw lies in the site design or navigation, to the point that the website visitor can’t find what they are looking for, then a good new design for your website might well be in order.


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