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What Does Google Analytics Premium Have to Offer?

Google Analytics PremiumAs anyone who is involved in Web marketing will tell you, Google Analytics is one of the most important tools available for analyzing the success of a website. With the help of this free service, marketers can quickly and easily learn more about the types of people who are visiting their websites while also gaining a better understanding of where this traffic is coming from. With this information, the marketer can develop a well-targeted plan that is likely to draw in the right type of web traffic.  Yet, despite all that the service has to offer, Google has managed to find a way to make it better by introducing its new Google Analytics Premium edition.

While Google Analytics Premium does require paying a “nominal” annual fee of $150,000, the service increases the power of the free edition while also providing more information to aid in decision-making. Some of the features found with the Google Analytics Premium edition include:

  • No data limits – whereas the free version has data limitations, the premium version allows you to track billions of hits per month
  • Variable customization – the premium edition of Google Analytics allows you to create 50 custom variables, allowing you to gain more information about site visitors
  • Attribution modeling – allows you to gain a deeper understanding of your marketing campaigns as you learn more about the various channels within your media mix

In addition to offering these added features, Google backs its new premium edition with a guarantee. In fact, if your site activity is not reliably and accurately recorded and made available to you, Google will pay you back. Some of the information you can expect to receive through the premium program include:

  • A Service Level Agreement of 99.9 percent in any given calendar month
  • Data freshness, with data being no more than four hours old 98 percent of the time
  • Guaranteed reporting of 99 percent in any calendar month

With the information provided to you through these reports, you can react more quickly to the needs and demands of consumers.

If all of this sounds a bit confusing to you, you will be happy to know that the Google Analytics Premium package also comes complete with custom training and support. In fact, each subscriber to Google Analytics Premium gets his own account manager who will serve as a natural extension of the web development and marketing team. This expert is available to provide your company with technical training and can even provide webinars and on-site training.

A Google specialist will also help your company transfer from your existing installations to the upgraded functions and features the premium package provides. This way, you can be sure to obtain a full and reliable data set. Even better, if you encounter problems outside of normal business hours, Google has actually provided a 24/7 emergency support hotline that you can contact for help.

With all that Google Analytics Premium has to offer, it is certainly something that is worth a second look for any corporation that is serious about creating a strong Internet presence and getting the most out of an online marketing campaign.


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April 8, 2012 at 9:58 pm Tracy Blankenship

I, like Google in spite all the bad things i hear.
with success comes jealousy..So hang in thire and know
we love you.
Thanks Google.

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