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Tomasz Banas Becomes a Microsoft adExcellence Member

New Jersey Microsoft adExcellence Member

As part of my ongoing quest to learn as much as possible about how to use the Internet as an effective marketing and business tool, I am pleased to announce that I recently became a Microsoft adExcellence Member.

In order to become a Microsoft adExcellence Member, I had to demonstrate my abilities to create and implement adCenter campaigns by passing an accreditation exam. By completing the training program, I was able to learn effective strategies for helping our clients improve their recognition within their industry as well as helping them increase their overall ROI.

Obviously, I will be able to put the strategies I learned to use to help us with growing our own business, but I am particularly excited that my training will help me assist our clients as well. After all, my goal with is to provide our clients with a full-range of services that will allow them to be more successful.

One of the great things about becoming a Microsoft adExcellence Member is the fact that I will now be able to access any additional training materials that Microsoft makes available. In this way, I can remain up-to-date with the latest technology and innovations within the online marketing industry.

While it is certainly true that there are several other online marketing strategies available in addition to the Microsoft adCenter program, this is one of the most widely used online marketing tools used today (right after Google Adwords). Therefore, it was important to me to learn as much as possible about how this program works so I can pass that knowledge on to my team members as well as to our clients. Furthermore, by becoming a Microsoft adExcellence Member, I can feel more confident as I provide our clients with guidance, support and advice regarding their adCenter campaigns.

You can verify that I am truly a Microsoft adExcellence Member by visiting the Microsoft membership directory.


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