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The Benefits of Working with a Local Web Design Company

Local NJ Web design vs Outsourcing In today’s world it is possible to connect instantly with people all over the globe. Many of the people doing web design and copywriting services come from faraway places with no idea of where New Jersey is on the map. This can create problems when businesses choose to outsource work rather than using local web design companies.

It’s tempting to cut costs by outsourcing your work to providers advertising through the internet, but there are a number of reasons why you’ll be happier with the final results when you use a local provider.

As small businesses add websites and internet services to their menu of business services it can be easy to lose sight of local customers who want to ‘see’ the face of who they’re doing business with. Your website should be able to reflect an understanding of the local culture and the local business climate. And, that’s not going to happen if your web designer is in Alaska or in the Far East somewhere. It’s as if you’re speaking two different languages.

A local web design company has roots in your community, shops in the same kinds of stores and understands the commerce and people in your state. The cultural feel of a particular state is unique; your business caters to that special characteristic and your website should reflect that same feeling.

Good Business Practices- Hiring Local

Your clientele is composed of local people who frequent your business and support their local community. It makes sense that you would do the same for your business needs. It is easier to work with someone in your own state from a logistical point of view. And, if content or design need to be modified or updated you can easily contact the web designer and work to make the necessary changes.

Often, a remote contractor will simply disappear after the original contract has been met (or not) and the business owner is left without a way to address issues. That won’t happen when you’re working with local providers. Their reputation is based on references and the good old fashioned word of mouth referral as well as their expertise.

At PlanMySite, we work with clients looking for web design in NJ area and occasionally, across the nation. Website design is our business; we’re available when you need us. When you come to us for a website design, revamping of content, for search engine optimization or other services, we will show you a portfolio of work performed for other New Jersey-based businesses. Our commitment is to work with the local and state communities to enhance their business services.

So, to recap why your business would profit from working with a local provider:

  • The local web design company knows the community and your needs.
  • Cultural and language barriers are less likely to be present. Local providers speak the same language and work in the same time zone.
  • Local providers are available for ongoing work and consultation.
  • When outsourcing you can’t really be sure who is handling your work and how committed they will be to your outcome- the best web design for your business needs.

Yes, we might be more expensive than outsourcing work to remote providers or contractors, but we believe that our full array of services and support will enhance your business. An optimized website leads to greater visibility for clients and that leads to better product sales. Can you really afford to not to use a local web design company from New Jersey?




July 26, 2012 at 6:29 pm joesam

Local web design companies are really the great way to build our websites and get back to them easily if there is any problem and you can approach easily to them .

August 13, 2012 at 1:42 pm Ian Bailey

This is a great article. Small businesses often make the mistake of sourcing their website to a company that is not in any way connected to theirs. At ON Web, we not only endorse all of our clients, we use their services and buy their products, we promote them and support them in any way we can through word of mouth, social media and our own blog. It makes us feel good to see our clients doing well, and if that success is related to our service, then we are very proud.

Thanks for posting this!

September 25, 2012 at 6:58 am john

I don’t think that hiring a local designer is always good. If your website is good and attractive to draw attention of any clientele the you can do the web design anywhere from this world. Communication mainly language is not barrier at all. A good and professional web design company can understand clients need. They are aware about their work and responsibility. What ever a local company can do a global company can do the same process even better than the local company.

February 7, 2013 at 1:05 am Andrew

Than going to a outsourcing company from other places just go to the local web design company for the business. As, it will be useful when there is a issue in the website we can easily contact them and also give our ideas about the changes the website.

June 4, 2013 at 1:39 pm KaylaKay

Wouldn’t it be just as easy to Skype your freelance designer and address issues that way? I mean, I guess the downfall would be that the designer would be too busy right then and you’d have to wait for your issues to be fixed.

I plan on doing freelance AFTER I start out in a company (current student)

September 12, 2013 at 2:59 pm Ryan

Many people do prefer to work with local web designers but it does seem a little ridiculous to limit yourself to the .01% that are close in proximity when the internet makes the world small.

I understand the benefits of working with someone locally but if I was doing a search for a web designer, I would search at least nationwide and maybe worldwide to have a wide selection.

I wrote an article on this topic of why you may NOT want a local web designer. It’s linked in my name above if you’re interested.

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