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Should You Write Your Own Web Content?

New jersey copywriting services

Are you considering writing the copy for your own Website? While writing your own copy is certainly a very tempting way to save money, cutting corners on the development of your Web content is a serious mistake that can lead to a reduction in Web traffic while also tarnishing the reputation of your business or organization.

Anyone Can Do It, Right?

When it comes to writing Web content, some business owners mistakenly believe it is something they can easily do. After all, everyone has taken writing courses in high school and many people have taken a composition class or two in college. It can’t be that hard, right?

The reality is that writing for the Web is quite different from the type of writing most people have completed in high school and in college. Not only does Web content need to be interesting and engaging to the reader, it also needs to incorporate keywords that will help attract search engine spiders.

Simply put, thinking you can write your own Web content because “everyone knows how to do it” is the same as saying you can be a professional singer because everyone knows how to sing.  Sure, you may know some of the fundamentals, but this doesn’t mean your skill is refined to the point that you can get the type of reaction you want from your audience.

Those Keywords Can Be Tricky

Speaking of keywords, incorporating them into your Web content can be far trickier than you might think. Sure, it doesn’t take much thought to throw some keywords into a sentence here and there, but including keywords in a way that flows seemingly within the content is a far more difficult endeavor. Ideally, your site visitor shouldn’t even be able to identify which words are the keywords. While even a professional writer may not be able to achieve this goal with keywords that are particularly difficult, a writer with keyword writing experience will be able to create content that is engaging and meaningful to the reader while also incorporating the keywords that have been selected for the site.

Your Reputation is on the Line

Finally, it is important to keep in mind that your reputation is on the line each and every time someone visits your Website. While your average visitor won’t be able to look at your site and know how it was programmed and designed, he will be able to read every last word that has been published on your site. Therefore, you want to make certain those words are sending the right message. Do you really want to trust your reputation to content that is sub-par?

The bottom line is that hiring a professional to create the content for your Website can be far less expensive that you might think. In addition, given all of the benefits that hiring a professional provides, it is certainly a worthwhile expense.


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