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SEO Myths Part 4: SEO Strategies and Tools

SEO Myths - Tools

There are many different strategies and tools that are used in the search engine optimization industry. Unfortunately, there are also many myths surrounding them. Learning how to differentiate between fact and fiction will help you better determine how to best go about optimizing your Website.

Myth #1: Google Spies on Sites Using Google Analytics

Conspiracy theorists maintain that Google spies on those sites that use Google Analytics, but Google maintains that it does not use traffic or conversion data to profile users as spammers. The benefits that Google Analytics provides far outweighs this ill-founded concern.

Myth #2: PageRank Scores Directly Correlate to Google Rankings

The PageRank that is reported by the Toolbar Server is not the same one that is used by the Google algorithm. In fact, low PageRank URLs outrank high PageRank URLs on a regular basis, so don’t make the mistake of thinking the two figures are directly correlated. As a side note, a high PageRank on a homepage doesn’t mean the internal pages of the site have a high PageRank either.

Myth #3: Some Markets Don’t Use Search Engines

No matter who your target market may be, you can rest assured they are using search engines. With billions of people performing Internet searches each month, you are guaranteed to take your business further by establishing a strong Internet presence.

Myth #4: SEO is Departmentalized

While SEO was once conducted primarily through the IT department or other specialized department, a successful SEO strategy is not departmentalized. Rather, it is a multi-departmental process that should involve departments such as IT, Marketing, Creative, Public Relations, Legal and more.

Myth #5: My Competition is Using Spam Techniques and So Should I

Just because your competition is “getting away” with using spam techniques, it doesn’t mean you should as well. Rather than creating multiple copies of your site or stooping to the use of black hat strategies, it is better to find creative white hat methods for increasing your search engine rankings.


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