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SEO Myths Part 3: Hiring an SEO Company

SEO Myths - Hiring SEO Company

When trying to optimize your Website, you might decide to turn to an SEO company or other professional services to help you get the job done. While hiring professionals to handle your SEO needs is often a good idea, there are a few myths to avoid as you search for the right company to handle the job.

Myth #1: The Best SEO Companies Provide Guaranteed Rankings

When hiring an SEO company, it may be comforting to hire one that guarantees to achieve certain rankings. But, the truth is that no company can honestly guarantee any type of ranking because there are too many variables associated with search engine rankings. Furthermore, no one knows the exact algorithms used by the search engine companies to determine their rankings.  Any company that makes such guarantees should be avoided, as this is just a ploy used by SEO companies to attract clients who don’t know any better.

Myth #2: The Best SEO Companies are Endorsed by Google

While you certainly want to hire an SEO company that is experienced with achieving high rankings with Google, don’t be fooled by one that claims to be endorsed or approved by Google. Google doesn’t partner with SEO companies, so don’t bother to work with one that makes such outlandish claims.

Myth #3: An SEO Company Should Register the Site With Hundreds of Search Engines

Getting registered with “hundreds of search engines” may seem like a great idea, but any company claiming to provide such as service is being less than honest with you. Furthermore, it’s better to have an SEO company that registers with a few major search engines and then uses the rest of its time focusing on more important aspects of the SEO process.

Myth #4: Outsourcing to Faraway Providers is a Good Way to Save Money

While outsourcing things such as link building and commenting on blogs can seem like a great way to save money, the results can be far from ideal. Hiring someone who doesn’t know a thing about your business or who can’t properly speak the language will only serve to leave others with a negative impression of your site. Spamming the Internet in broken English is never a good business strategy.

Myth #5: Site Owners Should Expect to Sign On to a One Year Commitment

Some SEO firms demand a one-year commitment, claiming it takes at least one year to implement a successful SEO strategy. While it is true that achieving good SEO results can take quite some time to complete, you should never lock yourself into more than a six-month contract.

Myth #6: The Site Should be Submitted to Search Engines on a Weekly Basis

Some SEO companies will claim to be the best because they will submit your site to search engines on a weekly or monthly basis. In all likelihood, they aren’t really taking the time to do this. Or, if they  are, they are wasting their time doing something that isn’t necessary because search engines will automatically trace a site once it has been submitted.


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