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SEO Myths Part 2: Time and Cost

SEO Myths - Time and cost

Although most people realize the importance of optimizing their Websites, some are concerned that the time and cost involved with creating a well optimized Website simply isn’t worth it. To that end, here is a look at a few myths related to time and costs associated with SEO.

Myth #1: SEO is Too Costly

Yes, there are costs associated with search engine optimization, but it is still the most cost-effective method of online marketing available.

Myth #2: Pay-Per-Click (PPC) is Better Than SEO

Although PPC advertising can provide quicker results within a limited amount of time, SEO is provides better long term results. This is partially due to the fact that users tend to trust organic search engine results better than sponsored ads. In addition, SEO is far less costly because you do not have to make a payment every time someone clicks a link. Since SEO is less costly, it is easier to maintain over a long period of time.

Myth #3: Successful SEO Requires Having In-House Specialists

In most cases, having an in-house SEO specialist isn’t the way to go. Rather than hiring one person to complete all of your SEO needs, it is generally better to hire an SEO company. Not only will an SEO company have more people on its team, but you will only have to pay the company for the services provided rather than having the ongoing expense of keeping someone on the payroll at all times.

Myth #4: Trading Links is Essential to Boosting Rankings

Some people mistakenly believe they need to spend hours trading links with other sites in order to give their site a boost. In truth, reciprocal links are of little value. This is particularly true when the links are with irrelevant sites. Simply put, having a mini directory of links on your Website does little to help your SEO or your site visitors, so don’t worry about investing time into this myth.

Myth #5: Automated SEO is Spammy

One way to save time with your SEO efforts is to use an automated service. Yet, some people mistakenly believe this is spammy or that using automated SEO is a black-hat practice. In reality, there is nothing inappropriate about using automated SEO. In fact, large companies use automated services on a regular basis, which means becoming automated can actually be viewed as a sign of maturity. So, feel free to save yourself even more time with the help of these tools.


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