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PlanMySite Becomes INCORE Digital Agency

PlanMySite Becomes INCORE Digital Agency

We are delighted to announce that PlanMySite has rebranded as INCORE.

The rebranding follows a period of expansion for the business and will see the company operating under the new name INCORE. The rebranding includes a new website with new visual identity.

“The PlanMySite name and brand served us well, but over the years we didn’t mature the brand as fast as the company evolved. Following a successful year both in terms of new business and development, our services have evolved to such a degree that we no longer feel that the name PlanMySite accurately reflects who we are.” said Tomasz Banas, CEO at INCORE.

After much deliberation the company has selected the new name INCORE, which is based on the concept of the core—the most central part of something.

Banas continues, “Over the last two to three years, our original singular focus on web design has given way to a broader focus, where websites are just one of the many tools we use to grow businesses. We see our services range becoming more action oriented, with a focus on improving engagement, interaction, and conversions. The name INCORE perfectly describes what it is we now do and our plans for the future.”

To get more information read our full article.

Visit INCORE’s new website at


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December 31, 2013 at 11:42 am Rj

Congrats INCORE!

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