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PlanMySite Becomes Google Apps Authorized Reseller

We are pleased to announce that PlanMySite has become a Google Apps Authorized Reseller. In this way, we will be better able to help our clients utilize Google apps more effectively on their Websites.

The PlanMySite team is already a huge fan of Google Apps. In fact, we use these applications on a regular basis in order to communicate with each as well as with our clients. For that reason, we are happy to be able to help our clients get better use out of these powerful applications, which include:

  • Google Mail – Gmail
  • Google Calendar
  • Google Docs
  • Google Talk
  • Google Sites
  • Google Video

By becoming a Google Apps Authorized Reseller, we are able to sell, service and customize these applications for our clients. In other words, you don’t have to work with Google at all if you are interested in using these applications. Rather, we will continue to work closely with you in order to customize the apps in the way that best suits your needs.

At PlanMySite, we think becoming a Google Apps Authorized Reseller is a step in the right direction when it comes to building relationships with our clients. Getting to know you and the goals of your company is important to us. Since we have already taken the time to get to know and to understand your needs, we can use that knowledge to customize your Google apps in the way that best meets the goals of your business or organization.

As an added benefit to using Google apps is the fact that you don’t have to download, install or maintain any special hardware or software. Rather, we will get everything set up for you through your Website and everything will be available for you online. Of course, this also means you can easily and quickly access these apps from anywhere in the world if you have an Internet connection.

Our hope is that our clients will be just as thrilled by this news as we are. Becoming a Google Apps Authorized Reseller was a lengthy process that involved completing a training program and demonstrating our skills with the Google Apps Premier Edition suite of apps. We feel the time and effort we devoted to becoming an Authorized Reseller will be well worth it, however, as it should help us build even stronger relationships with our clients while also allowing us to help you run your business or organization or effectively.


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