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Web Accessibility 101

Web accesibility
Web accessibility means designing online content that everybody can easily access, read, navigate, understand, and interact with. It’s geared toward individuals of various ability or disability, age or background, and technical level. Web accessibility eliminates obstacles, granting our diverse population equal and common access to information and communication.

Why should you care about web accessibility? Many people, especially those with …


Apple’s Battle with Google Results in One Loser: The Consumer

Google Apple War To some, it may have been only a matter of time before the tech-world’s two biggest giants, Apple and Google, began to collide. Yet, given the fact that the two companies focused on different aspects of technology coupled with the fact that Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, sat on the Apple board from 2006 to 2009, it does come as a bit of a shock to see the two companies being so violently opposed. Even worse, given the current state of their relationship, it is actually the consumer who will suffer. (more...)

PlanMySite Awarded Two Silver W3 Awards by the International Academy of Visual Arts

W3 Awards

Receiving recognition for a job well done is always a great feeling, so just imagine how wonderful the PlanMySite team felt after receiving 2 silver awards from International Academy of Visual Arts W3 Awards program. The W3 Awards, which honors outstanding websites, web videos, web marketing and mobile apps, recognizes the best designers, creators and interactive agencies around the …


How to Use Facebook Timeline Creatively?

Facebook Timeline The new Facebook Timeline has been launched and, by now, you have probably seen it on most of your friend’s profiles. Unlike the previous Facebook setup, the new timeline allows your friends to quickly and easily jump back and forth between events from different times and events in your life that have been placed in chronological order. While the new Facebook Timeline has received mixed reviews, a growing number of users are starting to realize the new opportunities the revised format has to offer. One of the most attractive benefits of the new Timeline format is the development of the Facebook Cover feature. (more...)

Get in the Spirit with Free Christmas Wallpapers

Christmas WallpapersThere is no doubt about it – Christmas is in the air! Turn on the television, listen to the radio or go to the movie theater and you will likely see and hear Christmas all around you. From Christmas music to holiday movies, from Christmas decorations to tasty holiday morsels, the holiday spirit is in the air. With the holiday season fully upon us, why not take it one step further by bringing a bit of Christmas joy to your PC, Mac or laptop? (more...)