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How to Use Facebook Timeline Creatively?

Facebook Timeline The new Facebook Timeline has been launched and, by now, you have probably seen it on most of your friend’s profiles. Unlike the previous Facebook setup, the new timeline allows your friends to quickly and easily jump back and forth between events from different times and events in your life that have been placed in chronological order. While the new Facebook Timeline has received mixed reviews, a growing number of users are starting to realize the new opportunities the revised format has to offer. One of the most attractive benefits of the new Timeline format is the development of the Facebook Cover feature.

With the new Facebook Cover feature, you can add another element to your e-marketing campaign by linking your profile picture to the upper banner with the help of QR codes. The Facebook Cover can also be used with advertising campaigns or to help with taking social action, such as “The Anti-Drugs Timeline” launched by the Israel Anti Drug Authority. Here are just a few great examples of how you can creatively change your Facebook profile in order to take full advantage of the new Cover feature.

1. Mohammad L. Azzam

2. Aly Moffatt

3. Antonio Fadda

4. Emanuele Bartolomucci

5. Eyal Shahar

6. Jerome Vadon

Facebook Cover

If you are interested creating your own Facebook Cover, you can download Facebook Timeline Cover Template we created to help you get started. It includes Photoshop file, Action Photoshop and JPG with dimensions of Timeline Cover. Each of these files offers the perfect dimensions and guides to be used as a Facebook Cover. All you need to do is place your photograph or other graphic into the guide and then save your file in the jpg format.  After you add this file to your Facebook album, you can select it to be your new Facebook Cover. Offered in conjunction with the British Moo service and Facebook, the first 200 thousand people to visit the Facebook Cards site will receive a total of 10 million of these unique and innovative cards.

Clearly, you do not need to be a graphic designer in order to take full advantage of the Facebook Cover feature. Even better, if you really like the design that you create, you can take your Facebook Cover offline and share it with your friends with Facebook Cards. Or, if you want to go mobile with your Facebook Cover, use the new Timeline on Adroid and iOS and through

If you don’t have the new Facebook Timeline, but you want to take full advantage of all that it has to offer, simply visit and click on “Get Timeline.” You will then find all of the information you need to receive the new interface!


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March 6, 2012 at 12:29 am Website Redesign

Thanks for the template. Will be using this to create great deesigns!

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