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How to Effectively Manage Multiple Social Media Profiles

Manage multiple social media profilesHow many social media accounts do you have? Probably several. Now, how many of them are you really active on? Well, that’s a different story. Yes, maintaining current and consistent content on numerous social media websites may be tricky and, with time, even boring or risky. But, keeping a good image is key to successful private and business relations.

Social media is an evolving set of tools and platforms that lets users interact by creating, sharing, and commenting on content. These two-way exchanges may incorporate text, audio, photo, presentation, or video and can start online, involve multiple devices, cross platforms, and continue offline. Some popular personal, professional, or interest-based channels include Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Google+.

On one side, maintaining multiple profiles brings benefits. It lets you connect and interact better with people and businesses. It also allows you to reach out to others quicker, create buzz or advertise easier, and expose your idea, business, or product better. Moreover, it can boost your fan base, bring global traffic, and improve sales.

On the other side, managing many profiles carries concerns. You may lose your privacy and fall prey of scammers, ID thieves, or hackers. You could encourage negative feedback from coworkers or customers. You may also waste time constantly checking your profiles and become less productive at work. Or, you could simply get bored or lost in these multiple websites.

Here are some tools and ideas that may help you out:

    Build Your Image. Recognize the platforms you’re present on and create profiles on the most suitable and relevant ones for you or your business. Also, complete your profile info, practice respect, and monitor your reputation.
•    Keep Your Content Creative and Current. Post and update daily and incorporate various interactive, visual, and audio methods. Also, be honest and provide only such information you’re comfortable sharing.
•    Find Your System. Arrange bookmarks, sort out e-mails, and log in regularly to ensure order on your social media websites. Also, organize your tasks according to their goals or functions to save time and always follow your plan.
•    Interact With People. Engage your public by asking and answering questions and posting interactive, relevant, and interesting content. Also, connect with popular and influential people within your interest or industry.
•    Simplify Your Profile Supervision. Manage your social media accounts using tools that let you sync tasks, oversee accounts, analyze performance, and get notifications from one place. Some helpful ones include Hootsuite, Buffer, Twitterfeed, Atomkeep, Blisscontrol, and Boxcar.

Social media has changed how people and companies interact. Old strategies may have lost their charm, and creative ways of providing fresh ideas and content have stepped in. Although problems still exist, you can utilize the above tips to avoid being lost or too exposed. But, always remember to select and manage your choices wisely, according to personal or professional goals.


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