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Responsive Web Design Revealed

Web accesibilityNowadays, people use various devices not only to browse the Web but also to continue previously started activities. Some enjoy a desktop or laptop or rely on the convenience of smartphones or tablets, while others go back and forth between these tools when navigating their tasks. So, of course, only the websites that can give their users the best transition …


Web Accessibility 101

Web accesibility
Web accessibility means designing online content that everybody can easily access, read, navigate, understand, and interact with. It’s geared toward individuals of various ability or disability, age or background, and technical level. Web accessibility eliminates obstacles, granting our diverse population equal and common access to information and communication.

Why should you care about web accessibility? Many people, especially those with …


Make your Business Blog a Priority: Five Helpful Ideas

Prioritize Business Blog In the next few weeks I’m going to be offering some ideas on blogging, designed to build readership, bring in more business and improve your Google ranking. If you’re reading this blog then you already understand the vital importance of an internet presence. Hopefully your business has a blog, if not, it’s time to rethink your strategy. A blog is your tool for self-promotion, marketing, educating your readership and sharing upcoming events, sales and other special activities with customers. Blogging done well takes time, effort and consistency. As with any job, you want to do it well with as little effort as possible.  Let’s look at some ways to maximize your time and prioritize blogging. (more...)

Don’t Forget the Reader When Creating Web Content

web copywriting

When it comes to writing for the Internet, whether it is creating content for a Website, blog or article, many people place their focus primarily on writing for the search engine. More specifically, they spend a significant amount of time researching keywords and then finding ways to work those keywords into the content. While it is certainly important to integrate keywords into content wherever possible, it is even more important to make one thing your top priority when writing for the Web: the reader. (more...)

SEO Myths Part 1: Meta Tags and Content

SEO Myths 1 - Meta Tags and Content

If you have a business or organization that you are trying to promote with the help of a Website, you are probably well aware of the fact that your site needs to be optimized for search engines. In other words, special attention needs to be paid to the content as well as the overall design of the Website in order to increase your search engine ranking so you can draw in more site visitors. Although optimizing your Website is certainly an important component for creating a successful Internet presence, there are several myths and misconception surrounding search engine optimization (SEO) that may actually be causing your site more harm than good. In this five part series, we will explore some of these popular myths and how you can avoid falling prey to them, starting off with those myths that relate to content and meta tags. (more...)