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New Jersey Web Design Blog

The Bright Future of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerceAn increase in portable gadgets’ popularity has opened the doors to new kinds of services and their delivery methods. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices now enable people to chat, message, share, browse, shop, and sell 24/7 and on the go. Since portability brings benefits, making your commerce mobile seems like a smart idea.

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, refers to …


Responsive Web Design Revealed

Web accesibilityNowadays, people use various devices not only to browse the Web but also to continue previously started activities. Some enjoy a desktop or laptop or rely on the convenience of smartphones or tablets, while others go back and forth between these tools when navigating their tasks. So, of course, only the websites that can give their users the best transition …


Web Accessibility 101

Web accesibility
Web accessibility means designing online content that everybody can easily access, read, navigate, understand, and interact with. It’s geared toward individuals of various ability or disability, age or background, and technical level. Web accessibility eliminates obstacles, granting our diverse population equal and common access to information and communication.

Why should you care about web accessibility? Many people, especially those with …


When is the Perfect Time to Redesign a Website?

Perfect Time to Redesign a Website If you are a website owner, it is inevitable that you will be approached by multiple website developers over time, each suggesting that you may need a redesign for your website. How do you know when you really need a new site design? What are the tip-offs that will tell you that your site needs some help in website design? New Jersey customers are like customers anywhere. They will view your site as an extension of your store. It needs to reflect well on you. (more...)

The Advantages and Disadvantages of Using Grid Systems in Web Design

Grid System in Web Design More and more designers these days are using grids (e.g. 960px) in their web designs. While grids originated with graphic design and are very popular in print mediums, they have only become widely used online in the past few years. However, they have exploded in popularity and can now be found as a component of many, many web sites. Grids are used to structure a page layout. They function as a framework on which to place all of the site’s different components. A grid is literally a framework of pixels running horizontally and vertically, just like the horizontal and vertical lines on the grids we all used to plot points along the X and Y axis in high school geometry. (more...)