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The Bright Future of Mobile Commerce

Mobile commerceAn increase in portable gadgets’ popularity has opened the doors to new kinds of services and their delivery methods. Smartphones, tablets, and other mobile devices now enable people to chat, message, share, browse, shop, and sell 24/7 and on the go. Since portability brings benefits, making your commerce mobile seems like a smart idea.

Mobile commerce, or m-commerce, refers to …


Apple’s Battle with Google Results in One Loser: The Consumer

Google Apple War To some, it may have been only a matter of time before the tech-world’s two biggest giants, Apple and Google, began to collide. Yet, given the fact that the two companies focused on different aspects of technology coupled with the fact that Google’s chief executive, Eric Schmidt, sat on the Apple board from 2006 to 2009, it does come as a bit of a shock to see the two companies being so violently opposed. Even worse, given the current state of their relationship, it is actually the consumer who will suffer. (more...)

Google+ Now Open to Businesses and Organizations

Google Plus For Businesses and OrganizationsBusinesses that are interested in taking advantage of all that Google+ has to offer will be glad to learn that the social networking site is now available to businesses. After its initial launch a couple months ago, Google+ was strictly off limits to businesses. In fact, some profiles were banned after Google administrators determined they were being used for business rather than for “personal use only.” Thanks to the recent lift on this ban, however, Google+ is now open to businesses. (more...)

Proposed Bill Has the Power to Significantly Censor the Internet

Protect IP ActMost people are aware that China has implemented a massive firewall in efforts to censor the Internet. While most have thought this type of censorship was something that would never been seen in the United States, a bill currently being considered by the House may change how millions of Americans use the Internet each day. (more...)

When is the Perfect Time to Redesign a Website?

Perfect Time to Redesign a Website If you are a website owner, it is inevitable that you will be approached by multiple website developers over time, each suggesting that you may need a redesign for your website. How do you know when you really need a new site design? What are the tip-offs that will tell you that your site needs some help in website design? New Jersey customers are like customers anywhere. They will view your site as an extension of your store. It needs to reflect well on you. (more...)