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Black Friday Shopping Frenzy Likely to Continue

Have you ever noticed the frenzy that is stirred up among shoppers when Black Friday rolls around? Despite the fact that many Black Friday deals are no better than those found throughout the year and despite the fact that better deals can often be found online, literally millions of shoppers flock to stores and wait in line for hours to take advantage of Black Friday sales.

Clearly, there are a number of factors that have helped transform Black Friday into such a popular day for shopping. Originally, the day after Thanksgiving became a popular shopping day simply because of its timing. After all, for many shoppers, the Friday after Thanksgiving is the last weekday they will have off from work before Christmas. As such, it became the perfect day for getting holiday shopping out of the way. Today, Black Friday has evolved into something far more than just the last convenient day for shopping. In fact, retailers across the nation help to stir up the frenzy by advertising special Black Friday deals that are only available for a limited amount of time.

As a result of these “special” Black Friday deals, shoppers line up outside the doors of retail establishments hours before they open for the day. Even in parts of the country where November days are typically characterized by below freezing temperatures, sleet and even snow, anxious shoppers brave the weather in an effort to be one of the first to enter the store or to swipe up one of the products that is available in limited supply. Many retail establishments even open up earlier than usual in order to accommodate the needs of those shoppers who are anxious to get started on their Black Friday shopping early.

For many who brave the stores on the day after Thanksgiving, it is all about being part of the Black Friday experience. For others, it’s not about holiday shopping, but about finding great deals on items that they want to purchase for themselves. For yet others, it is about satisfying their desire to shop and to feel as if they are getting a “great deal.” Still when it comes down to it, there is one driving force behind the Black Friday frenzy: effective marketing.

Marketing strategists learned long ago that the day after Thanksgiving was a popular shopping day among shoppers. By tapping into the needs and natural shopping habits of consumers, marketing strategists have helped make Black Friday what it is today. So, whether Black Friday deals are truly something spectacular or not, shoppers are likely to continue to line up for hours in front of stores for many Black Fridays to come.


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