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Advantages of Having a Website

Do you wonder why having a website would be an advantage for your company? Here you will find some of the most important benefits that you gain upon getting one.

Reach and costs

The first and probably most important advantage is the reach of a website.

If you are planning to expand your company’s reach, there is no better way to do it than using the Internet. No other form of advertising gives you an instant world-wide accessibility – most of them have only local impact and for a short period of time (like advertisements in newspapers, radio, or even TV). Not to mention they are far more expensive. That aside, advertising itself does not give you a chance to keep your clients up-to-date with your products, services and prices. This is where your website comes in to the rescue.

Nowadays people tend to use the Internet as often as they can. The reasons are simple – it is fast, cheap, powerful and you can find everything you search for. Most people right after thinking about a product or service, or a brand name, just search for it on the Internet. They find opinions and information that is most likely to be up-to-date. It would be a terrible mistake, not to let them find your company. However if they visit your website, you can attract them for as long as you like with any type of content – aside texts, you can provide high-quality graphics or even audio & video files.

Thanks to Content Management System (CMS) editing a website is very simple. There is no need to go through piles of code or have any programming skills – CMS does it for you! It lets you edit, control, manage and publish your website content. Also, you can give editing permission to your employees, co-workers and partners. If you need to edit a web page you just change the texts and graphics – it is as simple as that! No need to print anything out, make new designs, replace the old banners and brochures or start a new advertising campaign. You just update your website and there it is – available for everyone, everywhere – right away.

Your website doesn’t sleep, even if you do. It is available all the time for everyone. It takes orders, promotes itself and gathers your clients’ inquiries 24h/day, 7days/week and 365days/year.

Your clients can contact you anytime by sending an e-mail or filling out a contact form. They no longer have to bother themselves with pushy phone consultants, waiting in lines or recording messages. You can respond to these e-mails whenever you want – you finally have the time to think your response over and over again word your response appropriately.

Further advantages and features

You can put the information that your clients ask for most often directly on your website, for example in a Frequently Asked Questions section.

If you request information from your customers via snail-mail or phone, you can now do that from your website. This will save both yours and their time and money.

Most importantly, you will lower the costs of operating your business, since a website doesn’t require any salesman or storage space. You won’t even have to keep track on your shop that much anymore – any orders may be placed and paid using instant online checkout systems and reports can be delivered to you.

You can keep your website informational or go beyond the limits and bring new quality for your customers. The main features your clients could like are: free e-mail newsletters, image & video galleries, forums & discussion boards, affiliate programs, live chat support, knowledge bases, articles, reviews and many more. All that can be offered right on your website! Surely, that would attract many new customers and make keeping in touch with existing ones a lot easier. Not to mention the ability to gain feedback from them thanks to polls. Imagine, how your company’s income increases thanks to these solutions.

You may also consider posting information on a blog. It is a new way of reaching customers and informing them about news and changes both in a company and particular business sector. Blogs come with many features like comments, instant notifications and RSS feeds that can help keep your clients updated on what’s new in your company.

Those are only the key features. Remember – in the Internet, there are no limits.

Is it a good idea, to get a website? Yes, without a doubt. Will it pay back? Yes, but only if planned, designed, and developed right.

Make sure to hire the right web designers and web developers and your business will benefit like from nothing before.



March 4, 2010 at 9:53 pm David Broen

I am agree with you. Now a days having a web site is must for evry businessman,it creates awareness in to the people and expand the business. I am also thinking have a website. I will fulfill it very soon.

March 5, 2010 at 7:56 am Tomasz Banas

Hi David,
True, still many businesses don’t appreciate the Internet, but I see it gets better every day.

March 19, 2010 at 7:01 am San Francisco web design

absolutely right Tom! agreed with you… through websites we can provide maximum info about our business in one place… and you can be contacted immediately as well for your services.. Keep up the good work!

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