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Advantages and Disadvantages of Flash Websites

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Are you considering asking for a Flash Website? At PlanMySite, we have noticed an increase in the number of potential clients who ask about having a Flash Website, but they have very little understanding of what a Flash Website really is. Rather, they are simply looking to have a Website with animation and other moving features. While a flash Website can be a good option for some clients, it is important to understand the advantages and disadvantages of flash Websites in order to determine if this is the right type of Website for you and your business needs.

Advantages of Flash Technology

The most obvious advantage of using Flash technology is the fact that it makes it possible to make your Website more interactive and expressive. By using interactive features ranging from feedback forms to games and movies, your Website can become more interesting to your site visitors. Clearly, the more interesting your Website, the more likely people are going to explore your site further.

Another benefit to using Flash technology is that there are no issues with cross browser compatibility when using Flash. As such, you don’t have to worry about HTML codes being interpreted differently by different Internet browsers, which means your Flash elements will be exactly the same on all browsers except those that specify requiring the latest Flash Player version.

Disadvantages of Flash Technology

While there are some advantages to Flash technology, there are several disadvantages as well. For example, Websites that feature Flash features tend to take longer to load than those that do not. If your Website takes too long to load, you may lose potential visitors. Clearly, it doesn’t matter how impressive your Website looks if no one takes the time to wait for it to load.

Very big disadvantage is the requirement of a flash player to be installed for watching flash movies. If the player is not installed the user will experience certain inconveniences, as he will be encouraged to click on the link to flash player download page. Not everyone will have a wish to download flash player just to be able to view your website so it may limit the number of clients who can actually view your web page.

Another problem with using Flash is that it makes it difficult to optimize for search engines. In fact, some search engines cannot read any text that is created with Flash. As a result, using flash may result in a decrease in search engine ranking because the search engine spiders will not be able to crawl over the essential keywords that have been written in Flash.

Accessibility is also a concern with Flash. Unfortunately, most mobile devices such as iphone and blackberry cannot access Flash Websites. With a growing number of people choosing to use their mobile devices for Internet access, creating your Website in Flash will effectively serve as a barrier between you and mobile device users.

Due to the problems associated with Flash, we generally discourage potential clients from using this technology. Or, we try to limit the use of Flash to only those designs where it is absolutely essential. Rather than using Flash, we encourage the use of mootools, jquery and javascript along with HTML5, as these Web design tools in some cases make it possible to achieve the same effects as Flash without experiencing the disadvantages.


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